Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mixed-media by Buck nelligan

Untitled, by Buck Nelligan, 2007 Measuring 43.5" x 35.25", with the frame, this is a mixed-media painting on assorted panels, plywood or masonite.
Private Collection

Untitled by Buck Nelligan

Mixed-media painting on wood panel. Measures 48" x 60". By Buck Nelligan, 2008

Commissioned by the owner of a publishing company in Fairfax, for her home.

Untitled by Buck Nelligan

These are acrylic paintings on paper,
by Buck Nelligan, 2007. matted and framed they measured 30" x 24".
They were commissioned by a law firm in Orlando, Florida.

Untitled by Buck Nelligan

Acrylic and mixed-media on wood panel, by Buck Nelligan

It measures 51.5" x 45"